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Rigenera HBW’s technology uses Rigeneracons, a single-use medical device that has opened the door to a new approach in the field of regenerative medicine. It allows the fragmentation of tissues obtained from the patient—completely painlessly—in order to produce tens of thousands of micro-grafts, of an average dimension of 80 microns. These micro-grafts are then positioned at the receptor site to begin the regenerative process.

The effectiveness of the Rigenera Technology

“One of the big innovations introduced by the Rigenera Technology is the effectiveness of the Rigeneracons, thanks to its ability to disaggregate tissues in a mechanical and non operator dependent way. The Rigeneracons is able to produce calibrated micrografts that can be immediately used in clinical practice.”

Here is the fundamental difference: instead of having just one blade at his disposal, the surgeon is able to avail himself of 600 micro-blades, all working in unison, fragmenting the tissue with a constant cutting force. The tissue is thus pulverized and ready to be grafted.

This is not only an efficient approach: the method of fragmentation, performed using these criteria causes less trauma to the cells, as scientific studies in this field have shown.

Rigeneracons is sold in a variety of sizes, to achieve the best possible results in the different branches of regenerative medicine in which surgery is required.

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