Rigenera HBW | Osteoarthritis - Transformative Regenerative Approach


inflammatory disease affecting joints, especially knees, hands, hips and spinal column joints

Osteoarthritis represents the most common inflammatory disease affecting joints, especially knees, hands, hips and spinal column joints. In developed countries, 25% of the population above 25 years old has health complications related to osteoarthritis that, depending on the severity, can be acute or chronic. Typically, osteoarthritis involves chronic cartilage degeneration and synovitis, resulting in pain and disability with a high economic and social impact. In the early stages, intervention through surgical procedures allows to slow down or prevent the pathology progression.

Sicurdrill - Osteonecrosi Della Testa Del Femore

Use of the Rigenera Technology

The Rigenera Technology consists of a minimally invasive procedure. The entire procedure occurs in one surgical time and lasts for about 30 minutes. The whole procedure can be managed in a private practice by a physician, who has received a dedicated training.

In an autologous, homologous and minimally invasive manner where the patient is both donor and acceptor.

The micrografts are obtained starting from small fragments of tissue harvested using a dermal punch, and then mechanically disaggregated with the Rigeneracons medical device. The processed tissue can be then used as micrografts.

Clinical applications have showed that patients treated with micrografts improved their quality of life with significant pain reduction and a restoration of their daily activities


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Scientific papers

Over time, the number of scientific contributions about the applications of the Rigenera Technology to the field of Orthopedics and Rehabilitation has grown. Scientific papers represent a tangible testimony of the practical applications of Rigenera.

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