Rigenera HBW conquers also Far East - Rigenera HBW

Rigenera HBW conquers also Far East

Rigenera HBW conquista anche l'Estremo Oriente

Rigenera HBW conquers also Far East

From Hong Kong to Bangkok, the interest for Rigenera HBW micrografts technology increases

A travel abroad full of satisfaction: the Rigenera HBW team comes back from Far East with the awareness that the interest shown by these countries for the new innovations in the field of regenerative medicine grows without limits.

Doctor Antonio Graziano, co-founder and Ceo of Rigenera HBW confirms it. He spoke in occasion of the ISHRS in Bangkok (between 16 and 19 November) and at Hong Kong Cosmoprof (12/15 Novembre 2019).

Rigenera was the protagonist of an international Symposium in Bangkok on the 18th November about the topics of trichology and skin rejuvenation.


“An extremely rewarding and stimulating trip – commented Doctor Graziano- because it allowed us to broaden our horizons to this places that for us are far away, but extremely similar to the rest of the world about the new challenges of regenerative medicine. About this, Rigenera results in being the most innovative and promising technology also for the big audience that listened to us. This is meaningful feedback – he concludes- because it is proof of the growing interest of these countries where we are present with Key opinion leaders and towards which we plan to expand our distribution in the near future”.

Rigenera HBW conquers also Far East
Dr. Antonio Graziano

The meeting in Hong Kong was the chance to give a presentation, in live streaming, on the new web platform and the clinic of the local Rigenera HBW partners, that focus on aesthetic medicine, with particular attention to cases of Adrogenetic Alopecia.

The international congress in Bangkok, organized by the International society of hair restoration, generated dozens of new interlocutors interested in Rigenera technology, attracting professionals.

A dedicated workshop was also held in Bangkok involving 40 doctors from the Asian area, including theory and practical applications in the field of skin rejuvenation and trichology. The event was attended by dr. Alexandre Andreu (CEO of Regenera Activa, worldwide distributor of Rigenera technology), Dr. Antonio Graziano, Dr. Ratchathorn Panchaprateeo (PhD Thailand) and Dr. Rodrigo Aucia.