An Italian story

The development

The development of Rigenera HBW is a success story rooted in work and sacrifice, the direct result of a long period of laborious and carefully coordinated research. It is a story that originated in Italy—in Naples, to be precise, moving on to Turin, where Dr. Antonio Graziano and Dr. Riccardo D’Aquino recognised its possibilities.

And, as often happens, new discoveries emerged from practical experience. In this particular case, it all began when the founders of Rigenera HBW realised that from the simple process of filtration according to a morphological criterion, it was possible to improve the biological performance of tissue and, therefore, its intrinsic capacity for cure.

From its starting point to today, we have witnessed the unstoppable development of a technology destined to bring about radical change in the traditional approach to the techniques of regenerating tissue.

This process bears the strong stamp of Italian ‘genius’, but the story doesn’t end here. The product was created in Italy and—precisely because Made in Italy is a fundamental principle we should promote—the entire chain of production, sterilisation, packaging, and distribution is entirely entrusted to Italian enterprises.

It is precisely from this ‘credo’ of true craftsmanship—one of the few fields in which Italians continue to excel—that the commercialisation of the Rigenera HBW technology has developed, having begun officially in 2013. From then until now, there has been an impressive growth in its acceptance that has led to the distribution of Rigenera HBW in 30 countries around the world.

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