How it works


Micrografts obtained with the disposable device named Rigeneracons allow to intervene on tissues damaged by diseases or trauma. The Rigeneracons device is a sterile holder in which fragments of tissue are placed, after a minimally invasive punch extraction of tissue from the patient. After mechanical disaggregation it is possible to collect a micrografts suspension which can be directly applied to the damaged area.

The micrografts can be used exactly like any other kind of graft. They are positioned on the surgical receptor site, either by themselves or by using a biomaterial that serves as a scaffold to facilitate the procedure.

Micrografts can be used during surgery to regenerate damaged areas, whether cutaneous, osseous or cartilaginous, restoring tissue functionality.

Rigenera HBW’s key to success? It resides in its speed, effectiveness, and ease of use. These factors allow any surgeon in any part of the world, with any level of experience to begin to use the product immediately after a brief period of training.

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