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limited by the quantity or quality of available bone

The restoration of a partial or complete maxilla without tooth can be achieved with the positioning of dental implants, but this approach is limited by the quantity or quality of available bone. The maxillary sinus-lift surgical technique increases the bone height in the posterior area, and enables the placement of implant-supported prostheses

Different grafting materials can be used to fill the space created between the superiorly repositioned sinus membrane and the floor of the maxillary sinus, However, its availability is restricted by the limited amount of intra-oral grafts, the morbidity associated with the second

surgery at the donor site and the high cost for bone harvesting from extra-oral sites.


Use of the Rigenera Technology

The Rigenera Technology consists of a minimally invasive procedure. The entire procedure occurs in one surgical time and lasts for about 30 minutes. The whole procedure can be managed in a private practice by a physician, who has received a dedicated training.

In an autologous, homologous and minimally invasive manner where the patient is both donor and acceptor.

The micrografts are obtained starting from small fragments of tissue harvested using a dermal punch, and then mechanically disaggregated with the Rigeneracons medical device. The processed tissue can be then used as micrografts.

Rigenera results extremely functional in this procedure, in fact it was reported the efficacy of periosteum-derived micrografts in combination with biomaterials to augment sinus lift in patients who needed it for dental implants by increasing osteogenic activity in the pre-existing bone tissue.


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Scientific papers

Over time, the number of scientific contributions about the applications of the Rigenera Technology to the field of Oral surgery has grown. Scientific papers represent a tangible testimony of the practical applications of Rigenera.

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