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causes the loss of bone support of dental elements

Periodontitis is one of the most widespread infectious diseases in the world and causes the loss of bone support of dental elements. In Western countries, it affects about 40% of adults in a mild form.

The ultimate goal of periodontal therapy is the regeneration of tooth supporting tissues. Numerous treatment modalities such as the use of bone grafting materials, guided tissue regeneration, and delivery of enamel matrix derivatives or growth factors have been applied with large variability in regenerative outcomes. The predictability of periodontal regeneration appears to be influenced by several factors related to the patient, the defect shape, the surgical procedure, and operator skill.

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Use of the Rigenera Technology

The Rigenera Technology consists of a minimally invasive procedure. The entire procedure occurs in one surgical time and lasts for about 30 minutes. The whole procedure can be managed in a private practice by a physician, who has received a dedicated training.

In an autologous, homologous and minimally invasive manner where the patient is both donor and acceptor.

The micrografts are obtained starting from small fragments of tissue harvested using a dermal punch, and then mechanically disaggregated with the Rigeneracons medical device. The processed tissue can be then used as micrografts.

Rigenera results extremely functional also in periodontal regeneration, suggesting that the application of autologous micrografts could be a clinically relevant procedure in treating deep and non contained infrabony defects.


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Scientific papers

Over time, the number of scientific contributions about the applications of the Rigenera Technology to the field of Oral surgery has grown. Scientific papers represent a tangible testimony of the practical applications of Rigenera.

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