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Dott.Antonio Graziano

Co-founder AND C.E.O. Rigenera HBW

Co-founder of the Rigenera HBW method, Dr. Graziano graduated in 2004 from the Seconda Università di Napoli (Naples) with honors in dentistry and dental prosthetics. In 2007, he received an advanced degree from the same university in the application of biomedical technology to oral surgery. He studied advanced implantology at the Misch Institute, in Detroit, Michigan (USA), and advanced medical biotechnology at the Collegio Ghislieri, University of Pavia, in 2006.

Dr. Graziano is an adjunct assistant professor at the Center of Biotechnology – SHRO (Sbarro Health Research Organisation) at Temple University, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (USA).

He is a visiting professor in the Masters Program in periodontics at the C.I.R. (Centro Interdipartimentale di Ricerca) Dental School, University of Turin.

He was awarded the Goldman Prize SIdP (Società Italiana di Parodontologia e Implantologia) for research in periodontics in 2010 and is the creator of procedures for the selection and clinical use of human stem cells, for which he has been granted two patents.

Dr. Graziano is the author of numerous scientific articles appearing in international journals and is a lecturer in Italy and abroad. He is also the Associate Editor of the World Journal of Stem Cells and an adviser for journals in the field of biotechnology.

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Dott. Riccardo D’Aquino

Co-founder Rigenera HBW

A specialist in oral surgery, he also has a master’s degree in periodontics. In addition, he has an advanced degree in dentistry and dental prosthetics. His research thesis, entitled ‘Stem Cells from Human Dental Pulp from Permanent and Deciduous Teeth’, was approved by the degree panel of the Seconda Università degli Studi di Napoli, receiving special mention and highest honors.

He obtained a diploma for specialisation in oral surgery from the Seconda Università degli Studi di Napoli, with a thesis entitled ‘Osseous Tissue Engineering with Stem Cells from Dental Pulp’.
He has two international patents for the use of stem cells in the regeneration of human tissues. He is also the author of over 40 scientific articles published in international journals.
Dr. D’Aquino has lectured at dozens of conferences in Italy and abroad and is an international opinion leader in the implementation of stem cell technology in dentistry.

DR. RICCARDO D’AQUINO Co Founder of Rigenera

Alberto Sicurella

Industrial management – product, design and production

Alberto Sicurella is the head of the industrial management (product, design and production) of Rigenera Hbw.

Daily, he interacts with the scientific department of the company, which provides him with a boost for the creation of new devices.

The first phase is the design, functional to achieving the intended goal using the best methodology and the most effective processes.

The department directed by Alberto Sicurella is also responsible for drafting guidelines for the use of the devices and the improvement of design and production technologies. Inside HBW, the evolution of the product remains constant: technological improvements, diversification and further implementations are on the agenda.

For this reason, Sicurella follows the entire supply chain for industrialization and new product customizations: from design to the research of components, from production to testing, drawing up the guidelines to always keep the quality high.

An important role for the company, also driven by his proactivity.

ALBERTO SICURELLA - Team of Rigenera

Staff Rigenera HBW

L. TROVATO Regulatory Director - Team of Rigenera

L. Trovato

Regulatory Director

M. MANNELLA Finance & Administrative Manager - Team of Rigenera

M. Mannella

Finance & Administrative Manager

F. PERRONE Quality Manager - Team Rigenera

F. Perrone

Quality Manager

F. GAETANI Product Manager - Team Rigenera

F. Gaetani

Product Manager

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E. Paolin

Science Affairs

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G. Valles

Quality Control & Product Operator

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M. Bella

Quality Control & Product Operator

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L. Petitti

Quality Control & Product Operator

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F. Sani MS

Communication & Marketing Advisor

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S. Randaccio

Legal Advisors.

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S. Sanna

Fiscal & Tax Advisor

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Jacobacci & Partner LLP

Ip Advisor

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E. Bisson

Regulatory Advisor

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